Fantastic Diablo Roadster for Sale $60K – SOLD!


A friend of mine is selling his Diablo Roadster. This is a fantastic car with LS1 engine on a replica chassis. Car is currently on eBay for $60K.  This car was originally listed for well over $100K

eBay sale is closed but if you want more detail, see

California Diablo

eBay listing

Radiator and Front Cowl

The front cowl that I use was meant for a model that had a smaller frame.  It was necessary to widen it over 4 inches.  This involved several steps. Having worked with fiberglass before, it was no big deal to use temporary bracing and screws to secure it in place, A little fiberglass matte, resin, time, some duraglass and  sandpaper got the rough cowl together.20150430_15455020150430_15450920150501_13270420150507_122610

Now it was time to find a radiator that would fit in the space.  Thanks to different forums, I selected a 1993 Volvo 240 radiator.

Next because there was no mounting points, it was necessary to design and fabricate the necessary fixtures and still leave room for a fan. (Yet to be purchased).


Recap and progress

This is a typical Lotus Super 7.

Caterham Lotus Super 7 Roadsport I am going for something a little different.


This is what I am basing my design on. Because it is a Right hand drive car and I flipped it in the picture, ignore the license plate reading backward.


Because this is not typical, there was no place to mount the taillights so I had to fabricate the entire back end of the car.  This turned out to be more complex than I had figured but think it will look good when done.





You will notice that instead of the standard roll bar, I decided to go with two loops.

I welded tubes to the chassis and will later adjust the height to match the seats.

20150417_10335020150409_13332320150409_13331320150417_102656Next thing was the fenders. I found steel fenders at Tractor Supply but they were not quite the needed radius so I decided to notch them and make a smaller radius.  Made notches every 10 degrees, reshaped and welded.  Here are steps involved.


I have totally removed everything from the car back to the bare chassis and will be looking to paint the chassis next.  Unless I change my mind.

eManual updated for iPad and Android devices

As technology changes, I need to accommodate different delivery devices. The original eManual could only support flash enabled devices.  The software that I used for publishing the eManual now allows me to produce one file that is “device aware”.  It has both flash and HTML5 versions. So if you are using an iPad, you can now access the eManual.


If you would like to try it, click here.

Starting slow

Still trying to get the shop in order. Way too much stuff.  Did get my bead blaster installed so when I want to do powder coating I can. Also installed overhead winch and pull down power.


Also got the nose and scuttle. Waiting for the 4″ fillers to widen the nose.



Also got two roll bars. Going to do something different.  Need to get seats.


Time to begin again

After a long hiatus, I have started on the project again.It sat idle for a couple years while we built a new house and a 30 x 40 workshop. Started by taking it all apart and getting the rust off and a fresh coat of primer.


Modified the old Lamborghini Chassis Jig so I could rotate and remove all the rust.20150118_152955

Fresh coat of primer


Start mock up with cleaned up parts


Added Gas Tank


Even modified LS1 stand to hold S2000 engine.


Lambo Kit with Replica Chassis – $5,000 SOLD

****** Kit has been SOLD *****
A good friend of mine is selling all the components of his Kit plus a 85% completed replica Chassis.

This is a complete kit with all the pieces.

Here are just a few snapshots of the body and the chassis and suspension. A completed chassis sells for $$10-12,000 by itself.

If you know of anyone who is interested in building a Lamborghini Diablo Replica, please let me know.  If you buy it I will even through in my eManual so you will know how to build it.