Fantastic Diablo Roadster for Sale $60K – SOLD!


A friend of mine is selling his Diablo Roadster. This is a fantastic car with LS1 engine on a replica chassis. Car is currently on eBay for $60K.  This car was originally listed for well over $100K

eBay sale is closed but if you want more detail, see

California Diablo

eBay listing

Lambo Kit with Replica Chassis – $5,000 SOLD

****** Kit has been SOLD *****
A good friend of mine is selling all the components of his Kit plus a 85% completed replica Chassis.

This is a complete kit with all the pieces.

Here are just a few snapshots of the body and the chassis and suspension. A completed chassis sells for $$10-12,000 by itself.

If you know of anyone who is interested in building a Lamborghini Diablo Replica, please let me know.  If you buy it I will even through in my eManual so you will know how to build it.

New Replica waiting for you to paint

This builder has a fully licensed, insured and running Diablo 6.0 replica.  It is finished to the stage where it is to be painted and upholstered.

Diablo 6.0 replica for sale

For all the details see



Cobra Kit for sale

Lots of people have talked about building a Lamborghini Kit and the complexity of doing one.  One of the recommendations to first time builders is to start with something a little simpler, like a Cobra kit.  I have a friend who has a Cobra kit that he is selling for someone who would like to get started, this is a phenomenal deal.

I’ve done some of the wiring on this kit and it is a great value.  If you want to see more info, click here

Looking for a little something different?

Most of the cars I post for sale are Lamborghini replicas. However a fellow builder who has done several Lamborghini and other cars has just finished an all steel body 1951 Mercury that has been chopped, channeled and shaved.  It is on a 1975 Lincoln frame with a 460 Cubic Inch / 425 HP motor.   If you are a UT longhorn fan, the color is just right. Check it out.

'51 Mercury custom

Something Different

Green 6.0 price reduction

The owner of the Green Diablo 6.0 replica has reduced his price.
Diablo Replica for sale
Details on the car can be found here.

Beautiful White Roadster For Sale

A fellow builder has just completed a white roadster with red interior. It has a very unique transparent deck lid.
White Lamborghini Roadster for sale
You can see over 90 pictures here and the specs and pricing are here.