eManual updated for iPad and Android devices

As technology changes, I need to accommodate different delivery devices. The original eManual could only support flash enabled devices.  The software that I used for publishing the eManual now allows me to produce one file that is “device aware”.  It has both flash and HTML5 versions. So if you are using an iPad, you can now access the eManual.


If you would like to try it, click here.

eManual now available!

I’ve finally finished my eManual. I actually started this documentation process in 2004. I looked though over 5000 pictures that I had created from my when I started my Roadster up through the SV. What changed over the years was the process by which you could deliver information.
I have chosen the on line delivery method as this allows me to control the source and make any changes or updates in one place and everyone has immediate access. eManual Now Available!
I hope those who are in the process of building a replica will find this useful. For more information and to take a “test drive” check out the eManual

eManual – Preview

I have the website design which will look similar to this.
Lambobuilder eManual
There are over 260 pages in the eManual. I am previewing the first two chapters at no charge so that people can see what is involved in building a reproduction, or as some people call it, a “kit car”.

You are welcome to take a look at the Welcome section and the Body section.

eManual – finished Lights and Body Work and Paint

Spent the weekend finishing the section on installing all the lights. Decided to add a section on Body Work and Paint. That should be that last of it. Just need to create a web site for delivery. This will only be available on line.
Body Work and Paint in eManual

eManual – Finished Wiring and Glass

Finished the Wiring section and completed the section on Glass. Need to do the review and add the audio tracks. Sample page

eManual – Finished Interior started on Wiring

I finished the section on the Interior. Shows both the console installations for the 3 piece console in the 6.0 as well as the single console for the SV which has the integrated storage compartment. The wiring should be fairly straight forward. I say that on each new section I start and it always comes back to bite me. A single picture can all of a sudden expand to fill several pages of detail.

eManual – Interior progress

Been working on the Interior section. It is uncanny how many pictures we take of our projects. I have over 5,600 photos of the Diablo 6.0 and the SV. This does not count those when I was building the Roadster.

Sad part is when you look through all the pictures and can’t find that one shot that shows the detail you are trying to describe. It has been a long process just trying to organize the pictures into categories that make sense.

The eManual will be awsome when done!


Started working again on my eManual. This will be an online manual that explains how the Diablo 6.0 was built. Currently have Body, Deck Lids, Doors (doors are complicated) finished and now working on Interior.  Still have to create the login page and do all the narration.