Windshield, front fenders, trunk and shop.

Been a while. Needed to make a windshield frame and wanted to have something different than just a flat sheet of glass. Before I could position frame, needed to mount wiper motor. 20170403_113008.jpg


I also was able to form the trunk. Now have a covered trunk and license plate holder. Trunk lid opens and will have to fabricate inside housing later.



Next I needed to make some front fenders. Tried using trailer fenders, not wide enough. Tried forming using foam and fiberglass. Foam melted from heat. Eventually came up with this solution.

Take 3/4″ tube and bend around tire for proper radius.


Cut tube in half on band saw


Weld in spacer between two halves.


Fabricate bracket off of wheel frame to support fender


Then use roller on sheet metal to create radius for fender


Clamp metal to fender frame and tack weld.20170530_113517.jpg

Temp mount both fenders for position


Also made some mods to the shop. Move the lift to a better position, cut the welding table in half and got a new Tig welder. 20170503_134724.jpg


I now have all the welding equipment I need, Plasma cutter, Tig Welder (aluminum and steel), Mig welder with Aluminum spool gun and oxy acetylene.  Of course the welding table now has table for tig welding. (Need to learn to tig weld next).


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