Peddles, Seats,Tilt Hood, Trunk and Fenders

Making progress.  I had had to move the peddles forward about 6″. This meant eliminating the brake booster and getting a different peddle assembly. Peddles are very close as the foot well narrows the farther up you go but at least now I can straighten my legs.

After that, I worked on the seats. I had to make them slightly narrower and I shortened them by 8″. I also added a seat track to the drivers side and mounting brackets for passenger seat.

As any builder who is building a car you look for inspiration from other builders.  I saw a car that basically tilted the entire hood forward and then decided to join my front cowl and the hood I had fabricated from scratch as one piece and then hinge it so it would open as one piece.  This involved temporarily fastening them together and then joining them together using a cardboard beam that was then covered with fiberglass to make a structural component.  After assembling them, it was time to move on to the body work to cover up the raw fiberglass.

I also needed to make a grill for the front.  I fabricated one out of 1/4″ rod and 3/16″ rod for the horizontal bars.

Next I needed to build a frame for the trunk. Although it will be small, it will at least provide someplace to store my stuff.  It is always nerve racking welding over a gas tank.  I covered the gas tank with wet towel but that did not always work.  At one point I smelled something burning and it was a corner of the towel that had dried out.  Glad that part is over.

And I was able to finish welding the rear fenders (with some help from Brian). Still need to do some work but just getting them set was a challenge.

Still to do.  Fabricate the back half of the body work, top for dash, windshield, lights front fenders, upholstery, interior and a whole lot of other stuff.