Body Panels (made from fleece) and Floors

As mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to do a little something different from the pop riveted aluminum panels on the side. I heard that you could use fleece stretched over a frame and then covered with resin, you could make a shape. Then add layers of fiberglass cloth to build up the panel.

20150702_141625I started by building a frame with a body line that I could use.  I then covered the frame with regular fleece (you know like sweatshirt material). I used heavy duty cord to stretch it tight in all directions.


Next I soaked the fleece with fiberglass resin. and then applied two layers of fiberglass cloth.




20150711_14171520150711_14173820150712_113731 End result was a removable panel that will be finished with body filler for the final shape.





Next It was time to paint the chassis.20150925_111718 20150925_123845 20150925_123807


After paint, time to make a template for the floors, Mark the aluminum, trial fit and then pop rivet in place. I know have floors.

20150926_111216 20150926_115819 20150926_125406 20150927_121545







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