Lambo Kit with Replica Chassis – $5,000 SOLD

****** Kit has been SOLD *****
A good friend of mine is selling all the components of his Kit plus a 85% completed replica Chassis.

This is a complete kit with all the pieces.

Here are just a few snapshots of the body and the chassis and suspension. A completed chassis sells for $$10-12,000 by itself.

If you know of anyone who is interested in building a Lamborghini Diablo Replica, please let me know.  If you buy it I will even through in my eManual so you will know how to build it.


18 Responses

  1. Hi dale can u get me a phone number for payment

  2. whats the location for the $5000 Diablo?

  3. Dale, if it is still up for sale, can you send me a list of missing parts (or a list of parts included), and what chassis needs to complete (I could not quite tell from pics), also is it a one piece body, complete with doors, windshield, glass, etc? who is the body made by? thanks


  4. I’m interested in the kit and chassis 8323846060

  5. Hello, i am interested in the lambo, does it come with engine?

  6. This sold yet?

  7. how is the car or do you have a
    phone pnumber

  8. I am not a tire kicker. Please send me contact info. Thanks.

  9. did you sell the lambo yet
    want to buy looking for kits can you help me out?

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