Super 7 – Front Suspension

Now that my wrist has healed, I have some time to work on the front suspension. I looked at the designs that were in the book and did not like the adjustable link on the top A-Arm so I modified it slightly.

This is what the finished product looks like.


Now to get there, I ordered some parts from various suppliers as well as fabricated some of my own.

I started by fabricating the lower A-Arms based on dimensions in the book.

Of course I needed to make two.

Ran into a small problem when working on the top A-Arms as they ball joints did not want to clear the inside of the tire. I was able to ream out the spindle to allow the ball joint to be seated lower and that fixed the problem.

Once that was set, I set the angle of the rotors and them fabricated the top arms to fit.

And now the front stands on tires.


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