Countach Redux

The Lamborghini Countach was one of the inspirational cars of many people. It was later replaced with the Diablo and the Murcielago. Now a gentleman by the name of Flavio Adriani has come up with a new design in honor of Marcello Gandini for this classic beauty. Even though it is a Concept Car, I think he done a great job incorporating new with classic.. Update (7/2/2010) Flavio’s pictures were no longer at the link provided. See gallery below.

eManual now available!

I’ve finally finished my eManual. I actually started this documentation process in 2004. I looked though over 5000 pictures that I had created from my when I started my Roadster up through the SV. What changed over the years was the process by which you could deliver information.
I have chosen the on line delivery method as this allows me to control the source and make any changes or updates in one place and everyone has immediate access. eManual Now Available!
I hope those who are in the process of building a replica will find this useful. For more information and to take a “test drive” check out the eManual