eManual – Preview

I have the website design which will look similar to this.
Lambobuilder eManual
There are over 260 pages in the eManual. I am previewing the first two chapters at no charge so that people can see what is involved in building a reproduction, or as some people call it, a “kit car”.

You are welcome to take a look at the Welcome section and the Body section.

Car2Go comes through again.

Last time I mentioned that I was having trouble receiving text messages with my reservation. Well this week. the text came through great. Walked out the door and there was my reserved car!
Car2Go reserved and ready

Car2go Support

Car2Go and Longhorn Another trip today. Raining like crazy in Austin (no complaints, we reallllllllly need the rain). The Car2Go program allows you to reserve a car on line and they send a text message to your cell phone 15 minutes before your reservation telling you the location of the car you reserved and the license plate number. With any new program, there are several kinks to work out. I had not been receiving the text message. I called the local office and talked with Grace. I explained who my carrier was and that I had a Blackberry Storm. She was able to work with staff and we were able to test the text feature. Now I was excited.

There is a Car2Go parking spot directly across the street from my work which can accommodate 3 cars. Today they were all gone (program is becoming popular). So this morning, I came to work and made my online reservation for 11:40. As predicted, at exactly 11:25 I received a text message “i@o0)i@ direction W 8th St (86 yd) 2. Turn right on to W 8th St (322 yd)” . This wasn’t very clear.

I called the local office and Grace answered. Do you know how nice it is to have a person answer instead of a recording? I explained my dilemma and Grace was able to tell me the address and license plate number. The car was about 2 blocks away.

Remember I said it was raining in Austin? Well armed with my trusty umbrella, I head for my reserved car. Before I get there, I ran across a just parked Car2Go. Even though I had a reserved car farther down the street, I remembered that Grace had told me if I picked the wrong car (this was when I had not been getting text messages) the system would automatically transfer my reservation to the car I used. So not wanting to play in the rain any more, I grabbed the new car and headed to City Hall. After my meeting, walked out of City Hall, found two available cars, picked one and drove back in the rain.

I had just gotten to my desk when Car2Go called wanting to work with me and asked for the text message so we can get this worked out.

Talk about good customer service. As I said, there are a few kinks but the level of attention I have received and the quality of the service is top notch. I have no doubt that these issues will get resolved and the program will continue to be a success.