So you want to build a kit car? Part 3

Ok, we’ve talked about all the obstacles to overcome, the skill you need, the costs and where to get help. Now where do you get a kit? You see, Audi (owner of Lamborghini) got upset with the quality of the replicas, meaning some were very good, and their attorneys issued cease and deist orders to nearly all the manufactures. NAERC was actually sued by Audi. I get lots of inquiries if I can build a Gallardo, an LP640 or a Reventon for them?
(I am no longer building cars) but it is a legitimate question.

Are there kits available for these models? Short answer, maybe.

The Gallardo, I call, Lamborghini light, has a V10 and conventional doors instead of the scissor doors. I have only seen one company attempt to replicate the Gallardo and I have not seen any updates for over a year. The Murciellago model, latest version the LP640, is available from several sources. Now what about the Reventon? This car is Lamborghini’s signature car. They only made 20 of them and they sell for over $1 million. They have been replicated and at least one of them is very good. My concern there is Lamborghini is not going to let that go very far. An individual builder may not have issues but a manufacture may.
There are some companies in Europe that are still making kits and even some “off the grid” in the US. You can find partially completed kits as well as kits on eBay.

BE WARNED. There are lots of scammer’s out there who have lots of pictures on their website. Unfortunately, they take deposits and never deliver. There is one company out of Panama (see Scam Alert) on my website.

Always, Always, Always visit the manufacture or seller before paying for anything!

For those who want to build, check the for sale sections on the forums.
I’ve also listed a complete Builders package for a builder that has everything needed to finish a car. A rare find.

For those who want a turn key, (completed car) look at some new cars out there that have great looks that are unique designs such as the Vendetta.Venetta
This is from Gagliardi Designs.
Another builder is from Brazil, Scuderia Marinelli . He has a new car that will be released this spring that is going to be spectacular. Stay tuned.

2 Responses

  1. So i’m just confirming that Gagliardi Designs is legit (realible)? Im considering buying one of these, and i’m currently doing my research on replica brands.

    I’m also looking at this great company called supercar replicas. They seem to be a honest company, other than the fact that there in a 3rd world country, they offer a “three year crash warranty” (what the hell?!) they have no pictures or videos of THEIR cars, and all their cars cost exactly 20k (That was a joke.)

    So can you verify that Gagliardi Designs is an honest business their not going to steal my identity? I would love to go meet them in person, but that plane ticket could instead be new rims.



    • Gagliardi is definitely legit. If I were still doing exotics, I would definitely consider them as a supplier.
      As far as Supercar Replicas, not sure if they are the same as in my Scam Alert but would suggest caution if nothing is verifiable. Normally if it sounds too good to be true, it is. $20K is absolutely unrealistic.

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