Now an experienced Car2Go user

Car2Go The City of Austin has an agreement for a pilot program where there are 200 Smart cars available for use by citizens and city employees.

I drive a Ford F250 Diesel extended cab truck that gets around 16 MPG. That vehicle is not easy to get in and out of garages or to park downtown.

I had a City meeting across town today so I used a Car2Go for the first time today.
You can reserve one on the web site or simply walk up to one that is parked on the street. If there is a green light on the reader or if you have reserved it, you simply hold your card up to a reader on the window and that unlocks the car. You get in, enter your PIN, answer some questions on the touch screen, it unlocks the glove box and you get the key. Start it up and away you go. They are all equipped with GPS navigation and even has credit card for you to fill up with gas. (They know who is using so don’t think of walking away with card). Even got to use the paddle shifters for changing gears. When finished, you park it in any valid parking spot, report if you had any issues on the touch screen, put the key in glove box, get out hold your card up to reader on the window, car is locked and you are done.
Total cost. $0.00. Diesel emissions 0. A very innovative solution. If you want to read more about the program, visit the car2go site.

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