Got rear suspension mocked up

Finally got the rear suspension mocked up after some revisions to the lower support brackets. Posted video on YouTube

Will post new pictures on the website in the next couple days

eManual – Interior progress

Been working on the Interior section. It is uncanny how many pictures we take of our projects. I have over 5,600 photos of the Diablo 6.0 and the SV. This does not count those when I was building the Roadster.

Sad part is when you look through all the pictures and can’t find that one shot that shows the detail you are trying to describe. It has been a long process just trying to organize the pictures into categories that make sense.

The eManual will be awsome when done!

Another project started

I have started working on a new project which is using a Honda S2000 running gear in a McSorley 7+4 chassis.

I have created a website that you can view my progress at my web site.


Started working again on my eManual. This will be an online manual that explains how the Diablo 6.0 was built. Currently have Body, Deck Lids, Doors (doors are complicated) finished and now working on Interior.  Still have to create the login page and do all the narration.